Stress Management


There are many ways I can support you personally and offer advice  by discussing with you what may trigger these emotions, whether it is money management, housing issues, children, work or maybe other people. We will assess how your stress is caused and what techniques you can practise in order to manage it. Living in a foreign country can case a lot of pressure. I will support you with personal coaching to find solutions together.

Yabancı bir ülkede yaşamanın getirdiği sorunlar, aile ve ilişkiler üzerinde ciddi baskı oluşturabilir. Gelin birlikte bu sorunları nasıl aşacağınızı konuşalım, size özel bireysel destek ile çözüm bulalım.

Family Coaching


I will focus on the psychosocial adaptation of immigrant families, parenting practices and their implications for child outcomes, and the importance of parent–adolescent relationships for adolescent mental health, with the help of family coaching.



Helping people expand and apply their skills, find fit and meaning in the life, work, family, and continually develop in their life is essential if you want to consistently attract, engage and retain the skills into the future. Particularly in today’s work-more economy, the stakes have never been higher.

Gerçek bütünsel beyinli insan, yeteneklerini en etkili biçimde kullanır; başka zihinsel seçimlerin varlığını anlamaya ve duruma göre bunları kullanmaya açıktır. Var olan yeteneklerimizin yanında, gerekli olduğu zaman kullanabileceğimiz durumsal yeteneklerin kazanılması için tercihlerimizi ve zihinsel seçimlerimizi bilmemiz gerekmektedir.

Transactional Analysis


Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy wherein social transactions are analyzed to determine the ego state of the patient (whether parent-like, child-like, or adult-like) as a basis for understanding behavior.



Erickson’s coaching philosophy is based on proven Solution-Focused techniques and aims to help people envision a powerful future and become conscious of how they might get there. “I assist people to find terrific solutions in areas of inner conflict, or areas of non-developed thinking.

NLP Counselling


There are many reasons why choosing to have use NLP will improve your life. What happens as a result of a session is in your hands. Past problems can be explored and NLP techniques used to set you on a path towards achieving your goals. As well as noticing change in yourself, those around you in personal or professional capacities will notice changes too.

You will experience life changing events during NLP Counselling. NLP Counselling is about action, it’s dynamic and energetic, making the changes you want to change happen now.